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The Story

the power of writing for healing

We all have a story. Of course- the story that we live in. Right?

Yes. But there’s another story. There’s the story. The story that we live off of.

Do you know your stories? Can you differentiate them from each other?

Here’s the thing: When we don’t identify the story that we may be living OFF of, we become nothing more than characters of the story we currently live IN.

In this way, we take a back seat in our story’s production. we play different characters. But we don’t get to create them. We are not the authors. We don’t get to make the story exciting and fun. We don’t get to write an end with a twist. Instead, things happen TO us.

The important question is, do we want to remain in the story as just a character, or do we want more?

Here are 5 steps to become the AUTHOR of your story:

  • Buy a sexy journal and a pen: If you know me, you know I love the word sexy. But here’s the thing- the journal has to be sexy, because you want to be inspired to write, right? You’re not writing to become a legit author though! You’re writing to RELEASE. Release the stories… So that you can begin to narrate the CURRENT story from a different place, not from past stories.

  • Put that pen to work: Write about your biggest fears, about your pain, about your regrets. Write fake letters to people who have hurt you. Write your deepest darkest secrets. Write about your shame. Write fake letters to your parents. Write to your inner child, ask her what she needs, and then give that to her with writing. The beauty of this exercise is that it really helps integrate the story that we live OFF of, without us having to control or rationalize the process. By writing, we are purging; and by purging, we are making room in our brains for a variety of other thoughts and experiences.

  • Don’t just write, go play: Follow your curiosity. Follow your passion. Don’t have a passion? That is part of the game. Go find out! Experiment. What do you like to do? What would you like to try? Take yourself on adventures! Dare to fail.

  • Make a list of what’s important to you: Who do you want to be? What kinds of people would you like to have around you? What are some things you want to accomplish internally and externally? Make sure its YOU talking. What do YOU want and need for YOU?

  • Love your pain: Be gentle with yourself during this process. You are changing roles- from character to author. It is not supposed to be simple. You’re getting to know yourself on a whole other level. You’re not a character anymore, now you’re a boss. You’re the author.

As you become your life’s author, don’t forget to keep talking with your past characters. Keep writing about them, because true authors own all of their characters.


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