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Stepping into Joy

A simple but profound truth.

I don't believe there are many truths in life. Most things are not black and white. But I have observed that there is a very simple but profound truth: Taking care of ourselves is the path that brings meaning and happiness to our lives.

Most of us grow up observing and learning that happiness results from doing things. Achieving.

But guys, even in our best moments, when we are so fulfilled with something external, we can still feel like there's a little something missing...

We are missing us.

Being in touch with our emotions on a daily basis.

honoring our needs.

Let's not abandon ourselves. How often do we go by a whole day only to realize we barely talked to ourselves? I don't mean talk, talk. I mean, checking-in, saying, Hey, love, I am here for you, I am not just managing your life.

Then, We are one step closer to peace. Take a breath. Take this in. Be here for you now.


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