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Feel whole. Lead your life. It's time. 

Get The Whole Self Process and learn the steps to break free from what holds you back.


Vitoria's Approach.

With a Master's degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Program Evaluation, Vitoria offers a unique perspective on personal growth in transformational workshops and mentorship sessions that help brave journey walkers get unstuck, feel whole, and create meaningful relationships. 


All of Vitoria's programs are anchored in Positive Psychology, Human Development, Depth Psychology, Inner-Child Healing, Non-Violent Communication, and Mindfulness.


"I believe in the brain science behind profound self-awareness and self-compassion. So my focus is never on self-improvement. That suggests there's something wrong with you, and I don't believe that! ​My own journey and work with clients have proven to me over and over again that true, lasting healing and happiness emerge when we witness and accept all parts of ourself. How do we do that? That's what all my work is about. This is my life's mission, and I am honored to walk alongside you as you observe, acknowledge, befriend, forgive, and love yourself back to life." - Vitoria



Are you a Journey Walker?

Feeling like something is missing, or feeling disconnected from your purpose or from joy is an invitation for you to embark on a conscious journey of self-discovery. 


If you're a Journey Walker you know this and you make a daily choice to walk this path because you are a lifelong seeker and you do what it takes to evolve. 

If you're on this website you might be asking yourself:

  • Where is my life going?

  • Why am I not happy?

  • How can I love myself, respect myself, be proud of myself? 

  • Why do I self-sabotage?

  • I would like to feel more connected to others, how can I learn to trust others?

  • Do I have all the skills I need to be successful?

  • What is my purpose?

Helping you answer these questions and find practical solution is why I am here. I am also a Journey Walker and my mission is to walk with you on your path of transformation. 


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi


Let's work together. Let's reveal love once and for all.


Whole Self

Online Mentorship Sessions

Transformational sessions designed for curious souls ready to embody unshakable self-confidence and wholeness no matter where you are or who you are with. Reconnect with your needs and strengths so you can get unstuck and transform your life.  

What You'll Receive

- Weekly 1hr 20min sessions with Vitoria online via Zoom. 

- Apply the pillars for healthy development and wholeness

- Befriend and integrate parts of your personality to create a mindful life

- Practice self-awareness and self-compassion to fulfill your needs

- Deconstruct and alchemize your communication patterns

- Reconnect with your needs and values

- Apply mindful listening and non-violent communication and create greater connection in your relationships

What You'll Achieve

- Increased self-awareness and self-compassion that will transform how you feel everyday

Reconnection with your inner child, needs, desires, and passions

- Increased self-awareness and self-compassion that will transform how you feel everyday

- Feel confident in your communication and honor your voice 

- Regain authorship of your own life

Choose Your Journey

1 session & additional resources: $100


4 sessions & additional resources: $80 per session


8 sessions & additional resources: $70 per session

sessions meet online on Zoom.

Change your life.




Online Workshop

A transformational workshop that will guide you in a beautiful journey to understand your defense mechanisms, needs, and passions so you can reconnect to yourself and transform your life from a place of wholeness.


What You'll Learn

- You will receive the Whole Journey Workbook with tools and practices you get to keep!

- Learn theories on personality development and inner child healing

- Practice observing your personality and understand the why's behind your defense mechanisms

- Reconnect with your inner child and open an important doorway to more joy

Your Results

Increased self-compassion that will free you from old patterns of hiding. You'll understand your personality and why you do what you do, and in the process you'll reconnect to your inner most desires and needs. You'll leave the workshop with your cup full and excited about your life!

1hr 30min session, meets online via Zoom



Whole Communication

Online Workshop


A unique workshop designed to help you uncover your communication patters, release old styles of communications that no longer work, and gain tools to create true connection in your relationships.

What You'll Learn

- You will receive the Whole Communication Workbook with tools and practices you get to keep!

- Learn theories and steps of mindful listening and non-violent communication

- Deconstruct your own communication patterns

- Practice mindful listening and authentic communication

Your Results

Increased self-awareness and communication tools that will transform how you listen and how you communicate. But most importantly, you will have the tools to create meaningful connection with yourself and others. You'll leave the session feeling empowered and ready to have courageous conversations!


1hr 30min session, meets online via Zoom