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'Caminho' ~ Path

"She arrived

Fragile, perceptive

In a body craving care

Destined to be changed 

Gift of transmutation 

She arrived

Curious, sensitive

Into a family eager to receive her

Afraid for her path

Loving protection

She arrived 

Sufficient, free

Into a culture built for others

Unaware of beauty

Lifetime teacher 

She arrived

Vulnerable, strong

In me

Born to be held

The one who moves me"

- Vitoria

'Raízes' ~ Roots


Vitoria (De Valentim) Meira was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and lived in Venezuela for ten years, before pursuing her career in psychology in the United States and at the University of Oxford in England.

Vitoria holds a Master’s degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation, "the science of what goes 'right' in life," from Claremont Graduate University--a world renowned school for Positive Psychology.

Her research and work are rooted in Archetypal psychology, Attachment Theory, Inner-Child Work, Mindfulness, Non-Violent Communication, and Enneagram Personality Theory.


Vitoria specializes in the effects of parental emotion-regulation on the social-emotional development and authenticity of adult children. She works with these adult children in a process of healing emotional wounds to a path of wholeness. 


'História' ~ Story


"I've learned that both identifying with my story and leaving it behind cause suffering. When I was melded with this story, I was controlled by it, reacting in the world. When I tried leaving it behind, I left parts of myself behind, and in the denial of those parts, I felt lost, without purpose. 


So here is my story, along with my nothingness...

I was born a sensitive, perceptive, and joyful child. I was also born with cleft lip and palate and other health challenges which led to over 20 surgeries within 18 years. 


So for years I felt different, and as I struggled to feel seen, I learned to protect myself by pretending and rejecting my truth. Over the years, I accomplished things, and even felt in control at times, but inside there was always a feeling that something was missing, and I felt so alone. 

I now see how my 'not enough self' built my personality to fit into the world and protect herself from rejection. I see her, and I honor her for getting me here today.


Then one day, life did what it does--it changed. Within 5 months, I lost my job, my relationship, and my sense of stability. And I surrendered my search, my need for control, my fear of not being enough. Through deep pain, I could surrender. I was so tired of working on myself and beating myself up in the process. 


I put the down the books and the search, and  began to observe the parts of myself as they moved in the world. It was then that I realized that I did not need to fix any of them. I just had to witness them and they lost their grip on me.  

Wholeness is birthed through the witnessing and inclusion of all of our parts. I believe our life is the journey back to this space of observation.


This work is not about being positive or rejecting the reality of our actions. It is about witnessing reality and finding inner alignment in the present moment. 


Developmental scientists have found that when we live in alignment with our inner self, we feel a deeper sense of purpose and inner peace. This has a variety of positive effects on our mind and body, and it is also what positive psychologists call 'being happy.'

You may be asking yourself, “How do I live in alignment with my inner self? I’ve felt lost for so long, where do I even begin?” 


You don’t have to do it alone. My mission is to walk with you on your alignment journey as you uncover your only purpose, to stay passionately connected to your essence."

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