Hi, I'm Vitoria. 

Devoted student of life and Positive Developmental Psychologist. 

I began my healing journey believing I was on earth to fix myself and grow. I read several self-help books, attended healing sessions, and got several degrees in psychology in a search for 'something more'.


I honor all of the aspects of my search, each of them got me to where I am, but today I understand that healing is actually not about perfecting parts of myself. Healing is about shedding the parts that I once used to protect myself.


When we do this work, we liberate ourselves from what keeps us stuck, and bring more authenticity and joy in our relationships.

Free yourself from masks that keep you small, feel whole. 

Get The Whole Self Journey, an inspiring (and free) program, and learn 4 pillars and 8 practices that'll guide you out of your shell and exude authentic confidence. 


What People Are Saying.

If you're tired of repeating patterns and want to understand what drives your behaviors, I'd highly recommend working with Vitoria. She is so gentle, compassionate, open-minded and loving. She makes it safe for you to talk about things you might be afraid to share with others. It's liberating!

Dynamic amazing session! Vitoria is the friend you wish you had growing up, who can fully see you and your situation, and what you truly need. Even though she is an adult, she can fully see, feel and connect with the child part of you and help you connect to that part more deeply. Vitoria has an optimistic energy that is sweet and full of love.

I'm so grateful for Vitoria's ability to intuitively connect with me on a deep level. I was afraid a session with a stranger wouldn't even be able to scratch the surface. Instead, we dove deeper than I'd known possible. Vitoria managed the session beautifully and respectfully, and she gave me tools and skills to face my past with compassion, and methods I can continue to use as needed. 

Rubeena, 35

Patricia, 35

Mel, 30


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