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I'm Vitoria.

A Positive Developmental Psychologist and devoted student of life dedicated to helping you free yourself from masks that keep you small so you can feel whole and embody your best self.

After being born in Brazil and growing up partly in Venezuela, I packed up a suitcase and moved to the US to get a degree in psychology. But that's not all I did.


Truth is, I'm much more than a Positive Developmental Psychologist.


I'm a seeker, and although my education made me more of who I am, my personal journey of self-discovery is the reason I do this work.

My 'Not Enough' Journey

Born with cleft lip and palate and other health issues, I grew up having to undergo over twenty surgeries, and because I felt different, I believed I wasn't enough. 


I wasn't enough physically, and I wasn't enough as a person. I felt inadequate, as if my thoughts and feelings were too much for the world around me. And I was to blame.

As I struggled to feel seen, I learned to pretend. I tried to fit in by rejecting myself, and the more I did, the more lost I became.


But the thing about believing I wasn't enough is that for the longest time, I didn’t know I was lost. I just thought feeling out of place was part of being who I was.


So I made the best of it. I accomplished things, I was resilient.

But inside there was always of feeling that something was missing. And a hunger for more.

My 'Whole Self' Journey

Although I struggled to feel enough, I have always been sensitive and curious, and I wanted to grow. As a young adult I attended workshops, read books, studied Psychology, meditated, and studied some more.

You get the idea...

Today, I recognize that this sensitive and curious part of myself is my authentic self, my inner self, my best self, who I am without the masks my personality wears.


She is who I was born to be.

While my 'not enough self' built my personality to fit into the world and protect myself from rejection, my 'best self' had an unwavering knowing that I was more than what my personality led me to believe.


And she walked me through a transformative journey of self-discovery. 

I believe our life is the journey back to this Self and my mission is to walk alongside you on yours.

My Work


I use cutting edge research and eastern philosophy to help you love yourself and your life, once and for all. 


It’s important to me that you know this: my work is not about being positive all the time. That is not what positive psychology is about or what being human is like.

My work is about helping you find inner alignment, and the research backs me up on this.

Developmental scientists have found that when we live in alignment with our inner self, we feel a deeper sense of purpose and inner peace. This has a variety of positive effects on our mind and body, and it is also what positive psychologists call 'being happy.'

I get it, you may be asking yourself, “How do I live in alignment with my inner self? I’ve felt lost for so long, where do I even begin?”

You don’t have to do it alone. And it doesn't have to be hard. 


My mission is to walk with you on your alignment journey as you uncover your only purpose, to stay passionately connected to your essence.


More about why I am 'here'...


After welcoming healing into my life and consciously diving into catharsis, being held and holding myself through it all, I now know this:

I was born to learn to love myself and others fully.

I remember when I realized this. It felt like an a-ha moment, as Oprah would say, as if I had found the secret to all of 'this'.

And if I had discovered the 'end goal' maybe that meant I was closer to discovering the roadmap to get there, and I thought to myself:

‘All those situations, all those struggles, and times I needed to have patience and be compassionate with myself—they were all invitations. I was being invited to love myself.' 

And with this thought, I felt inner peace. Through my healing journey I learned that peace can be a part of our inner experience. We just need to remember that:

Everything we go through is an invitation for us to break free from the layers of protection we created to protect ourselves from the world. 

I’ve done it, I know it works. And I am here to walk with you. 

Vitoria's Approach

Vitoria Meira holds a Master’s degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation, "the science of what goes 'right' in life," from Claremont Graduate University--a world renowned school for positive psychology.

Born in Brazil, she lived in Venezuela for ten years, before pursuing her career in developmental psychology in the United States and at the University of Oxford in England.


Vitoria’s passion is working with adults seeking to reconnect with their essence through a process of healing past wounds. She specializes on the effects of parental emotion-regulation on the social-emotional development and authenticity of adult children. Her research and work stem from Positive Psychology, Attachment Theory, Inner-Child Work, Mindfulness, and Non-Violent Communication, Enneagram Personality Theory.